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Practice vs. Use Activities

Here you will find a comparison of Practice and Use activities.  If you would like to print this table you can click on the name in blue at the bottom.


What’s the Difference between.....?


Practice Speaking Activities


Use Speaking Activities


Focus is on accuracy


Focus is on fluency









Practices a narrow range of language


Practices a wide range of language



Students express meanings imposed by teacher or text


Students express their own meanings



More Teacher Talking Time


Less Teacher Talking Time



Students should be able to understand each other.


Greater possibility that students will have difficulty understanding each other



Teacher has more control



Students have more control



Teacher often corrects errors in the target language.



Teacher does not usually correct errors while students are speaking



Teacher selects some vocabulary, structure or function.



Students select lexis, structure and function




Ruth Goode,
Oct 9, 2009, 6:47 PM